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  • String Wound Series Filter Cartridges

    l  Multi-Holes Hardware is Tightly Wound By Textile Fiber, Forming Different Cartridges With Different Retention Ratings.

    l  Stand Higher Filtration Pressure with Wide Chemical Compatibility.

    l  Available In Cotton, Polypropylene and Glass Fiber, Meeting Filtration Of Various Liquid.

    l  Effectively Remove Suspended Solids And Particles In The Liquid, And Has Strong Ability To Absorb Pollutants

  • High Intensity Melt-Blown Filter Cartridge

    1)      Higher Purity Material Allows Optimization of the Filtration Media for longer life and Higher Efficiencies.

    2)      Graded Pore Structure Enhances Dirt Holding Capacity and Filtration Efficiency

    3)      Proprietary Inter-Zone Bonding Process Provides a Rigid Filtration Structure That does not Compress as the Differential Pressure Increases

    4)      100% Polypropylene Construction

    5)      Cartridges are free of Surfactants, Binders and Adhesives

    6)      Cartridges Materials are FDA Listed for food and Beverage Contact

    7)      Easy and safe Cartridge Incineration or Disposal

  • Purefilter Activated Carbon Series Filter Cartridges

    Combining the Advantages of Depth Cartridge and Traditional Carbon Cartridge High Surface Area for Long Service Life..MORE+
  • Purefilter Series Filter Cartridges

    Continuous Fiber Matrix Prevents Media Migration and Ensures Consistent Filtration Performance..MORE+
  • Purefilter Melt Blown Series Filter Cartridges

    Graded Pore Structure Enhances Dirt Holding Capacity and Filtration Efficiency..MORE+
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