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  • PZB Syringe Filter

    l  Adopts Original Imported Products, Especially For Gas With Analysis Of The Pretreatment System Development, To Protect The Analyzer.        

    l  Scientific And Reasonable Gas Circuit, With A Nice Design Appearance.

    l  One-Shot Molding Design Is Adopted To Effectively Prevent Leakage.

    l  Cartridge Of Filter Core Can Be Seen Visually.

    l  High Retention Rate

    l  Imported Polymer Membrane Can Effectively Block Moisture.

    l  Filters Are Manufactured, Flushed. Tested And Packaged In A Class 1,000 Clean Room Environment

    l  Natural ePTFE Material

    l  Low Initial Pressure Difference, High Flow And A Long Service Life.

  • Purefilter Capsule Pleated Series Filter Cartridges

    High Purity Polypropylene Capsules Provide Cost Effective Filtration of Aqueous Liquids、Gas and Chemicals..MORE+
  • High Viscosity Liquid Filter Cartridge

    l  Made up of High Purity PP Polypropylene, with Special Sealing Process, Free of Adhesives to Minimize Pollution

    l  Minimize slurry waste and reduce costs.   

    l  Three Materials are Optional: PP polypropylene filter membrane, PES and PTFE filter membrane.

    l  Location of Vent/Drain is good for Quick Change-Out

    l  Filters are Manufactured, Flushed, Tested and Packaged in a Class 1,000 Clean Room Environment

  • String Wound Series Filter Cartridges

    l  Multi-Holes Hardware is Tightly Wound By Textile Fiber, Forming Different Cartridges With Different Retention Ratings.

    l  Stand Higher Filtration Pressure with Wide Chemical Compatibility.

    l  Available In Cotton, Polypropylene and Glass Fiber, Meeting Filtration Of Various Liquid.

    l  Effectively Remove Suspended Solids And Particles In The Liquid, And Has Strong Ability To Absorb Pollutants

  • High Intensity Melt-Blown Filter Cartridge

    1)      Higher Purity Material Allows Optimization of the Filtration Media for longer life and Higher Efficiencies.

    2)      Graded Pore Structure Enhances Dirt Holding Capacity and Filtration Efficiency

    3)      Proprietary Inter-Zone Bonding Process Provides a Rigid Filtration Structure That does not Compress as the Differential Pressure Increases

    4)      100% Polypropylene Construction

    5)      Cartridges are free of Surfactants, Binders and Adhesives

    6)      Cartridges Materials are FDA Listed for food and Beverage Contact

    7)      Easy and safe Cartridge Incineration or Disposal

  • Purefilter Pleated Series Filter Cartridges

    Consisting of Polypropylene materials,many layers pores structure provide stability Performance..MORE+
  • Depth Spun Wound Filter Cartridge Series

    Consisting of Multi-Layer Polypropylene Materials, Many Layers Pores Structure..MORE+
  • Purefilter Hydrophilic Fiber Glass Pleated Series Filter Cartridges

    Consisting of Borosilicate Fiber Glass and Imported Nonwoven for Surpporting Layers..MORE+
  • Gas Pre-Filtration Pleated Filter Cartridge

    Product Features

    l  Made Up of Ultra-Fine Glass Fiber And Imported Non-Woven Fabric.

    l  Graded Pore Size Change Provides Super High Pollutant Capacity, with Excellent Retention Ability For Particles In Gases.

    l  Outstanding Chemical Compatibility, High Porosity and Low Pressure Drop.

    l  Good Absorbability and High Filtration Efficiency.


  • PTD Filtration System

    l  PTD Series Is A Complete Set Of Filtration Systems Designed For Industrial Liquid Filtration, Assembled With Pressure Sources, Storage Tanks, Filters, Pipes, Pressure Gauges, Discharge Valves And A Cart. Customers Only Need To Connect The Inlet Port For Filtering Operation.

    l  Consists Of Multi-Stage Filtration, Through Three-Stage, Four-Stage Filtration, To Make The Fineness Of The Raw Liquid With Competitive Cost.

    l  To Meet Different Fineness Requirements Of Different Raw Materials, Various Filter Types Are Available. All Of Purefilter’s Standard Filter Series Can Be Applied to Different Liquid Conditions. We Have Different Sources Of Pressure: Stainless Steel Screw Pump, Gear Pump Or Diaphragm Pump.

    l  In Addition To Single Core Filter Fast Loading, Others Adopt Flange Joint, And The Design Pressure Can Reach 10bar.

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