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P-SF Filtration System


Product Features

1) P-SF Series Is A Complete Set Of Filtration System Designed For Industrial Fluids. It Is Assembled From Pressure Source, Filter, Pipeline, Pressure Gauge, Drain Valve And Filter Cart. Customers Only Need To Connect The Feed Port For Filtering Operation.       

2) The System Adopts The Principle Of Multistage Filtration, And After Three Stages Of Filtration, The Accuracy Of Filtration Is The Best. And Control The Cost Of The Whole System At The Most Reasonable Point.

Various Types Of Filter Elements Can Be Selected For Different Feed Liquids, And All Of The Standard Series Of Purefilter Can Be Applied To Different Feed Liquids. We Offer Different Sources Of Pressure: Stainless Steel Pump, Gear Pump Or Diaphragm Pump.In Addition To Single Core Filter Quick Loading, The Rest Are Flanged, And The Design Pressure Reaches 10bar.  

P-SF I: Three-Stage Core Filter, Suitable For Conventional Feed And Liquid Conditions, Less Solid Content, Higher Requirements For Fineness.

P-SFII: Bag-Type + Two-Stage Core Filtration, Suitable For High Solid Content, Bag-Type Filtration Will Be The Most Economical Way To Remove Large Particles, And Then Use Two-Stage Core Filtration To Control The Fineness Of The Feed. 

P-SF III: We Can Customize The System According To The Actual Situation


1)     Adopts Internal And External Mirror Polishing Treatment, And The Polishing Grade Of The Contact Part With The Material Liquid Reaches 0.6um, Which Is Easy To Clean.  

2)      The Accessories Used In The System Adopt Top Brands To Ensure The Stability Of The System.           

3)     The Design of The Whole System Is Reasonable, As Far As Possible To Reduce Residual Night, Waste Liquid;


 Functional Membrane Glue Filtration, Ceramic Ink Filtration, Dyes, Pure Water Filtration, Electronic Chemicals, Cleaning Solution, Etching Liquid Developer, Alcohols, Acids, General Chemicals, Food and Beverages, etc.

Performance Specifications

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