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Purefilter High Flow Pleated Series Filter Cartridges



With 6 inch(152mm ) Out Diameter ,Single Open-End ,Inside to Outside Flow Configuration ,To Protect the Possibility of Fiber Release

Depth Pleated Structure and Combin of Many Layers for Very High Efficiency,Compare with Traditional Melt Blown Filter and Winding Filter.Meanwhile, 6 inch(152mm ) Out Diameter Designed for Increasing Filtration Area,Greatly Extending the Service Life,Reducing the Quantity , Decreasing the Hardware Dimension and Reducing the Cost

Suitable for Various High Flow Liquid Filtration:RO Safety、Desalination of Sea Water、Cooling Water System、Chemical Raw Material、Drink 、Biopharmacy、Solvent、Water

Manufactured,Rinsed,Tested and Packaged in a Class 10000 Clean Room Environment 


Materials of Construction:

Filter Media:                                    Melt Blown Polypropylene

Surpport Layers:                                 Polypropylene

Hardware:                                        Polypropylene 

Gaskets/O-Rings:                                 EPDM,Viton,Silicone,Buna-N,Teflon Encapsulated Viton


Outside Diameter:                                 6"(152mm)

lengths:                                          20"(508mm), 40"(1016mm),60"(1524mm)

*Special Specifications Could Be Made to Order


Retention Ratings:                                 1,3,4.5,10,20,40μm 

Maximum Operating Temperature:                     140℉(60℃)

Recommended  Change Out Differential Pressure:     30 psid(2.1bar)


Food and Beverage Industry

Treatment for Desalination of Sea Water

Cooling Water System

Industrial Water

RO Pre-Filtration 

Process Water and Waste Water Treatment


Rating(Absolute) μm Initial Pressure Drop

20"/508mm length

(psid/gpm)(*100)bar/lpm Initial Pressure Drop

40"/1016mm length

(psid/gpm)(*100)bar/lpm Initial Pressure Drop

60"/1524mm length


1 0.0090/0.0164 0.0049/0.0089 0.0040/0.0073

3 0.0070/0.0127 0.0035/0.0064 0.0027/0.0049

4.5 0.0042/0.0076 0.0022/0.0040 0.0017/0.0031

10 0.0035/0.0064 0.0019/0.0035 0.0010/0.0018

20 0.0025/0.0046 0.0013/0.0024 0.0009/0.0016

40 0.0010/0.0018 0.0007/0.0013 0.0005/0.0009

Recommended Maxixum Flow Rate per Cartridge to Optimize System Performance

Length Recommended Operation Flow Rate(gpm/min)/(m3/hr)

20" 110/25

40" 220/50

60" 308/70

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